Personnel Self-Scheduling Demonstration**

This site demonstrates how online self-scheduling can serve your organization. Staff scheduling can be a time consuming, labor intensive activity for your administrator. This site illustrates how personnel can schedule themselves within guidelines established by your administrator. These guidelines include start and end dates, and limits on the number of personnel that can be scheduled on any given date.

This demonstration permits online scheduling of from one to six months in advance. For demo purposes, you may choose an interval that fits your operational environment.

A special screen is provided which permits the administrator to view overall schedules for any selected period. The administrator can make additions, deletions and changes to the schedules. Use the "Schedule" button below to see these functions.

Dedicated screens are provided for dealing with personnel records. Personnel records may be added, deleted, and revised. Use the "Personnel" button below to see these functions.
This application is maintained entirely on the Internet. Though the database of personnel and schedule records can be downloaded for work by the administrator; this in normally not necessary.
Since this demonstration is available to many users, functions that would result in permanent changes to the underlying database have been disabled. For a fully functional demo tailored to your requirements, please contact Returnity Software at the number shown below.
When ready to proceed, click the "Demonstration" button to work with the scheduling demonstration.



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